Top Eyelash Extension Brands

Having a lash extension is one of the best ways that a woman can do to transform her look in only a few minutes. However, there is need to choose a good lash brand if at all you will enjoy having a new look and at the same time looking classy. Here are the best lash extension brands to choose from:

  • Cardani Lash Extensions: These are lash extensions with the most natural look in the market today. Though they are synthetic, they are distributed in such a way that they will appear so natural.

This lash was specifically designed to be used on those special occasions; they have a self-adhesive and will not require glue. Due to this, they can be re-used as many times as possible making them an economical brand.

  • Dimart Lash Extensions: These are made of soft, synthetic fiber that varies in length making them look very natural.

The lash will be applied using glue and one has to be careful to buy good quality glue to avoid complications resulting from glue usage. If carefully fixed and remove, the lashed could be used more than once.

  • Christina Lash Extensions: These are made to look like natural lashes as the length of the lashes varies. They have a natural thickness just like natural lashes and are actually made from human hair.

This brand is not expensive compared to others and is, therefore, a preferred choice for many lash extension lovers.

  • Dragonpad Natural Soft Lash Extensions: This is also a popular brand among lash lovers as it is sold in as 10 pairs’ kit which has a natural look. The lashes are easily applied and removed making it quite easy to use them.

As a result of the synthetic fiber used in making them, the lashes will not lead to allergic reactions when used.

  • Iris in Paris Lash extensions: This is the best brand for a person using lash extensions for the first time. The lashes are sold as a full set containing the glue which will be used in applying the lashes.

The lashes are made using synthetic fibers and will not result in any irritation.

  • C3 Fashion Lash Extensions: They are sold in pairs of 10s and are quite thick. This makes them ideal for women who have a very thin natural lash. You have to separately purchase the glue which will be used for fixing them and if done correctly, these lashes can be reused.

The lashes should only be used on special occasions as they are quite thick and could weigh heavily on the natural lashes.

  • DPNY Lash Extensions: Unlike other brands that only have ten pairs of lashes, these lashes have two sets of 10s which can be used more than once if you are careful in application and removal.

They are made of synthetic fiber and will not lead to an allergic reaction and you have to separately buy a glue to apply them.


You can now choose a lash extension brand that best suits you and one that will make you look as natural as possible. Always ensure that the lash extension chosen is not too heavy to avoid damaging your natural lashes.