How to Get Rid of Laser Hair Removal Hyperpigmentation

Laser hair removal treatment may lead to hyperpigmentation, a condition that is characterized by the variation of skin color. The following are ways that will aid in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and make the skin get back to its original state:

  • Protect the skin from the sun’s radiation: Hyperpigmentation will be made worse by exposing the affected skin to the sun. The first treatment will, therefore, be keeping the skin away from the sun.

If you must go to places where there will be a lot of sunlight, apply a sunscreen lotion, wear sunglasses, a large hat and if possible wear other clothing that will ensure that your skin will not get into contact with the sun’s radiation.

  • Use skin lightening agents: A professional aesthetician will be able to guide you on the best lightening agent that will work best on your skin. He will come up with a formula that will address the hyperpigmentation issue and any other condition that may be affecting your skin.
  • Use of skin lightening masks: when a professional aesthetician applies a skin lightening mask on a skin affected by hyperpigmentation, it will aid in peeling off the skin affected by hyperpigmentation, leaving a renewed skin that is free from any discoloration.

A mask will be able to improve the skin condition without affecting any internal organ since it is not invasive.

  • Use of laser treatment: If the non-invasive methods of hyperpigmentation removal fail, the laser treatment method would be used to effectively remove the condition.

Laser energy will be directed to the affected parts of the skin where it will cause to the breakdown of the dark cells that are the cause of the hyperpigmentation. Once the cells that contain the dark pigment is broken down, the dark patches will begin to change and the skin will eventually get back to its original state.

Laser treatment will require a number of sessions if good results will be achieved; this will depend on the level of hyperpigmentation that has affected the skin. If the damage is severe, one will require more sessions than the person who only has small patches that have been affected.

If you have had a problem with hyperpigmentation, there is a possibility that the problem will recur in the future. You should, therefore, protect your skin from exposure to sunlight so that you reduce the risk of the recurrence.

If the hyperpigmentation was quite severe, you will have to choose for another method of hair removal in consultation with the aesthetician.

You should also ensure that the removal of unwanted hair from your skin is carried out by a professional and not an aesthetician who is learning how to remove unwanted body hair through trial and error method. The cost of a professional laser hair removal may be high, but considering the sensitive nature of the process, you should not feel the pain. Any mistake might cause you to get the hyperpigmentation back which could not be very good for your skin.